We Will Remain Open to Serve Our Clients’ Needs PROVIDING EXPERT CARE DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS

With permission from local health care experts, our practice will remain open with limited hours. Please contact us today, as our hours may have changed to ensure the safety of our clients. Ensuring the Safety of Our Community SEE HOW WE’RE FIGHTING THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 WHILE WE REMAIN OPEN To fulfill the needs of our clients and our community, our practice is currently open. We will continue to reference local healthcare authorities and practice excellent health standards to ensure your safety. We want you to feel safe and comfortable during your visit, so we will thoroughly clean each area between appointments, provide hand sanitizer to staff and clients, and continue following our rigorous cleaning protocols.

We understand that the situation can change at any moment, and we will be flexible and communicative with our clients throughout the next few months. To schedule an appointment, fill out an appointment form or call our practice.

Available for Emergencies Only to Better Serve the Community During the Covid-19 Crisis

As we monitor the COVID-19 situation, we will remain open for emergencies only while following strict guidelines to ensure your safety. If you have an emergency, message or call our practice today.

Contact Us for Emergency Care

To serve your urgent needs, our practice will remain open for emergency cases. We will be temporarily postponing elective procedures. Our team will continue to provide a safe, sterile environment for patients by cleaning and sanitizing our practice on a regular basis, providing hand sanitizer to patients, and cleaning each area thoroughly after use. 

If you have an emergency, you can call our office or send us a message. 

Effective Teeth Whitening with Minimal Sensitivity

If you would like to brighten your smile, teeth whitening treatments provided by our Midtown Manhattan, New York, office can help you achieve the whiter smile you dream of. Elite Dental Arts offers both at-home and in-office teeth whitening options, and we often combine treatments to provide the most dramatic results. Dr. Nick M. Mobilia uses careful techniques, so you will experience minimal discomfort or sensitivity. Contact us today to learn more about your whitening options and to find out which treatment may be right for you.

Dental Stains: The Basics

Most dental stains are located on the surface of your teeth. Though there are many reasons that these stains can develop, food and drink are the most common causes. When you routinely consume dark-colored foods or drinks, your smile can develop a brown or yellow tint. Other causes of extrinsic stains include smoking, age, and genetics.

Internal discoloration is less common, and usually caused by other issues. Medications, especially tetracycline, can affect bone and tooth development in young children, causing dark stains. Infection and damaged fillings can also lead to internal tooth discoloration.

Dr. Mobilia emphasizes comfort. With his gentle techniques, you can often undergo teeth whitening, even if you have significant dental sensitivity.

Is Teeth Whitening Right for You?

If you want to address shallow stains, you are likely a good candidate for teeth whitening. You should also be in good dental health. However, if you suffer from current oral health issues, you may qualify for whitening after appropriate restorative care.

Internal stains typically do not respond to whitening treatments, and will require procedures such as porcelain veneers, which can conceal more significant blemishes. Dr. Mobilia can also combine whitening with other treatments, including veneers and dental crowns, for exceptional results. The whitening treatments will help compliment the new, bright restorations you receive.

Dr. Mobilia also emphasizes comfort. With his gentle techniques, you can often undergo teeth whitening, even if you have significant dental sensitivity. He will typically prescribe fluoride supplements about a week before your treatment to strengthen your teeth. For further comfort, he can also provide Tylenol® or Motrin® during the procedure. He can also adjust the strength of whitening agents used to ensure you experience minimal discomfort, if any.

Patient receiving Zoom! teeth whitening treatment
In-office Zoom! whitening can provide dramatic results in an hour.

Teeth Whitening Options at Elite Dental Arts

Our practice can provide in-office, at-home, and a combination of treatments to help you achieve the whiter smile you desire. During in-office treatments, we use our advanced Zoom! whitening system. We apply a whitening gel, and will then direct a specialized light to accelerate the active ingredients in the gel. We typically repeat the process three times in an appointment, with each treatment lasting fifteen minutes. In less than an hour, your can achieve a smile that is several shades lighter. 

We also provide take-home whitening treatments, allowing you to lighten your smile at your own pace and from the convenience of your own home. You have multiple choices when it comes to at-home kits. With both Zoom! and Opalescence®, Dr. Mobilia will provide a set of custom-made trays that will fit around your top and bottom teeth. You will apply whitening gel to the insides of the trays, and wear them for a predetermined amount of time. We also offer the take-home Glo™ device, a light-activated whitening system that can make your teeth five shades whiter in as few as five days.

Dr. Mobilia typically recommends combining whitening methods for optimal results. Your in-office treatment can provide dramatic effects, and you can maintain your brighter smile through routine touch-ups at home.

Schedule a Consultation

To achieve the whiter smile you dream of, contact Elite Dental Arts and learn more about our teeth whitening options. We love to help our patients achieve lasting, aesthetic smiles.

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