Denture Comfort™: Creates Confident Smiles with Dentures

Graphic of dentures fitting onto Atlas implants Until recently, dentures were the standard replacement for people with lost teeth. They provide wearers with basic chewing function and a better appearance. However it is common for denture wearers to suffer from degenerative bone loss caused by ill fitting, loose dentures. Constant friction and rubbing against the soft gum tissue produces sore spots, which can cause discomfort, and in some cases, infection.

Denture Comfort, is a new technology offering denture wearers enhanced lifestyles and confident smiles.

Now, Denture Comfort™, with Atlas Anchors provides substantial relief and comfort to millions of denture wearers.

Do you or someone you love suffer with poor dentures?

The absence of natural teeth triggers shrinkage of the ridge, gum, and underlying bone. Combined with the pressure of a hard denture base, there is further shrinkage. Both factors contribute to a poor denture fit, and loss of denture retention. Thats why denture wearers turn to denture adhesives. Unfortunately, adhesives are messy, need regular reapplications , and are said to contribute to halitosis (bad breath).

Because of shrinkage, most denture wearers have their dentures adjusted and relined every two to four years, in an attempt to fill in the space between their ridge and their denture. But this does not prevent further shrinkage.

Denture Comfort provides a remedy. It is an FDA market-approved, inexpensive and straightforward solution.

Denture Comfort

  • Slows down ridge degeneration
  • Provides retention
  • Cushions and stabilizes dentures
  • Is used with either new OR existing dentures

 Denture Comfort is easy and affordable

The technique utilizes four to six thin Atlas implant anchors. Because of their ultra small size, Atlas anchors do NOT require surgical incision into the gum tissue. The Atlas anchors are the attachment between your bone structure and your dentures. A soft, elastic, silicone liner is fitted into your existing-or new-denture. The liner acts as a cushion between the denture and your gums and fits securely around the implants. The result-a comfortable fit and optimal retention.

The entire process is accomplished with local anesthesia, and is often completed in less than an hour. Fortunately, there is minimal healing discomfort. In no time at all, you will be able to eat hard-to-chew foods without fear of denture dislodgement.

Denture Comfort is an affordable procedure suitable for a great range of patients, regardless of their age and medical and dental histories.

Embarrassed by your dentures? Do you sleep without your teeth?

  • No longer will you have to cover your mouth when speaking with your friends or business associates.
  • No longer will you have to avoid parties and good times.
  • No longer will you find yourself missing from photographs.
  • No longer will you suffer from the embarrassment of visible, unsightly ill-fitting dentures.
  • No longer will you take your teeth out at night.

With Denture Comfort all those embarrassing moments will be a thing of the past.

You are not alone!

Of the 35.7 million American denture wearers 21.4 million of them have at least one problem with a denture&and severe or extensive denture problems presented in this paper may be conservative.


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