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Injectible Smile Enhancing Fillers

Why a dental professional is the BEST choice
for lip augmentation using Injectible Smile Enhancing Fillers

Ideal oral esthetics are lost when an untrained professional attempts to perform cosmetic dentistry and smile esthetics. A highly skilled dentist is the ideal professional for these procedures because:

  • The shape and volume of the lips are determined primarily by the support of the teeth, alveolar bone, vertical dimension and gums. These are the domain of the dentist.
  • Dentists have a better training and knowledge of lower facial, oral and dental anatomy and proportions
  • Dentists are trained in the essential anesthesia techniques useful for pain-free lip augmentation
  • Dentists are comfortable with oral procedures involving filler materials
  • A malocclusion like a deep overbite or an over-closed vertical dimension can decrease the size of both lips. Lip augmentation without dental correction is not satisfactory in this situation.
  • The lip profile changes with different skeleton-dental types. Lip augmentation may exacerbate the appearance of a skeletal problem.
  • Furthermore, orthodontics, tooth bonding and veneers can alter the surface of the teeth making them push the lips outward which gives the lips a fuller appearance.

Before considering lip augmentation, you may need to address your underlying dental architecture. Only a skilled dentist with an understanding of the dento-skeletal implications on lip shape can teach you how to recognize this.