“Nothing but Praise for Dr Nick Mobilia”

I can’t say enough about my dentist. To me he is like a dental god who has a natural gift of healing. I met Dr Nick Mobilia approximately 11 years ago. I was having a problem with a crown that another dentist had placed. Dr Mobilia, with his gentle touch, caring ways and trusted hands corrected a bad situation. From that day on I have never looked anywhere else for my dental needs. I have had a lot of problems with my teeth, gums, and jaw due to hereditary reasons. Before Dr Mobilia I was a dental mess. Now not only do I have a movie star smile, I no longer suffer from pain and embarrassment. Dr Mobilia is a phenomenal dentist that gives painless injections. Dr M has performed gum surgeries, extractions, placed and restored implants, Invisalign, Botox, and Restylane injections. I feel like a new person with all my thanks to Dr M and his outstanding dentistry. He is the only dentist for me and my family. He is a wonderful, kind, caring and friendly person. Even my children love to go to the dentist because he has a great personality and they feel they have a friend. If you are anything like me, you’ll appreciate his meticulously clean state of the office and friendly dental team. Just make an appointment and see for yourself. Then you can write back and thank me for my referral.

By Elaine B

“Best Dentist in NYC”

I've been a patient of Dr. Mobilia's for the past 10 years. I must truly say he is TOP NOTCH all the way. I was kind of ashamed because when I first met Dr. Mobilia my teeth were in really bad shape due to my own lack of concern. I clearly remember the first day of my appointment I was my worst enemy, I thought I was going to be judged and to my surprise, I wasn't! I met the most friendly staff and Doctor. I was quickly taken care of. NO WAITING this to me was golden. When Dr. Mobilia entered the room I was afraid to open my mouth because what I thought he might think and again I was wrong Dr. Mobilia was the most wonderful, caring and knowledgeable dentist I've ever met. He took his time to explain everything to me, answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. By the time I was done I knew I was going to get my smile back and that I did. It is now 10 years later I live in Miami and I travel every six-eight months to get my cleaning. He is worth that and much much more. His staff are such nice people and very funny they make you feel right at home. The office is amazing, in one word. GORGEOUS!!!!! Anyone that needs a dentist in New York or anywhere in the world should really call Dr. Nick Mobilia because he is the real deal. He truly cares about his patients and their overall health. Dr. Mobilia just in case I haven't said it enough, Thank you. You are AWESOME!

By Mimi J

“10 Stars”

Dr. Nick Mobilia is one in a million. I have been using his services for the past 15 years. I have witnessed as he pursued his professional career with an unmatched desire to continue to learn new methods for the benefit of his patients. I followed him from uptown to his office downtown and then to Midtown in a modern state of the art dental office. He is creative in solving dental problems and is a perfectionist in achieving the right fit and feel, as well as the right look. He has maintained my dental health on an optimum level and I consistently receive compliments related to my dental appearance. Dr. Mobilia is caring and always available to address an emergency that might arise. As a patient who has sat in many dental offices, I can honestly say that Dr. Nick Mobilia wins the 1st place award for the best dentist in solving, maintaining and utilizing his expertise to provide the highest quality of dental care to his patients.

By Phyllis S

“Perfected the Dental Experience”

Dr. Nick Mobilia has perfected the dental experience that some patients often perceive with anxiety. Under Dr. Mobilia’s care, I have received the finest dental treatment and truly look forward to maintaining my smile. Dr. Mobilia is an exceptional dentist because he combines professionalism with a comfortable atmosphere. He has calm soothing music for each treatment room along with a peaceful and tranquil environment. I. like all of his patients that I have spoken to, am always satisfied with the results. Before I became his patient, I experienced severe TMJ and constant pain throughout my jaw. After Dr. Mobilia’s treatments, my jaw is now relaxed, realigned, and I experience no pain. I also took his recommendation and now have a dazzling white smile after having my teeth bleached. I have complete trust in Dr. Mobilia’s dentistry and I would recommend him without a doubt.

Lexi C

“The most skilled dentist anyone can ever find”

Dear Dr Nick Mobilia,

Let me begin by saying that I find Dr Nick Mobilia to be the most skilled dentist anyone can ever find! All of my life I had been insecure about my smile because of the spacing of my front teeth. I had been searching and searching for a dentist who could solve this problem without having to deal with the agony of braces, but could find no one with an alternative solution. Well, one day I came across Dr Nick Mobilia's testimonials on the internet, and I soon found out they were telling the truth!

I had a very special wedding event coming up in only two weeks. I was going to be best man to my best friend of 25 years. Even though I knew it would probably not be enough time to change my smile I decided to call anyway. Well to my surprise, the very same day I called they got me in for a consultation, in which Dr Nick Mobilia along with his entire staff; immediately dedicated their concerns, time, and highly professional services to me. This meant the world to me as a new patient. And by the time of the wedding I had a new, beautiful, perfect smile and a new found high self-esteem. It’s a miracle how a beautiful smile can change how you feel about yourself!

My overall experience with Dr Nick Mobilia and Elite Dental Arts was amazing. His facility is clean, welcoming and comfortable. Also, the entire staff is congenial, well-educated, highly skilled and enthusiastic about what they do. But most importantly, the staff at Elite Dental Arts is “genuinely” concerned about the wants, needs and concerns of not just me, but all of their patients.

So if you’re considering Dr Nick Mobilia and Elite Dental Arts as your dental home, I would highly recommend them! Also, I cannot wait for my next visit which my wife and I will be getting our teeth whitened. We are also bringing our two children for their first visit. I know that since we are so delighted with Dr Mobilia, our children will also be happy with him and grow up using him as their dentist!

Thank you Dr Nick Mobilia and welcome to our family!

The Grotto's

Richard, Rachel, Jessica, Jason

“Hands of Gold!!!”

I have known Dr. Nick Mobilia, DDS, for five years now. I was in serious pain and was referred to him. I needed an emergency extraction and he performed it with the utmost perfection. After the procedure, I immediately told him he had “Hands of Gold”!!! As the years have passed, I’ve kept my semiannual appointments and my teeth have never felt and looked better. Every experience I've had in the dentist's chair has been miserable, until I met. Dr. Nick Mobilia. He is the most compassionate dentist I've ever seen. He understands and therefore can eliminate fear and pain. The work he's done on my teeth has been top quality. Add to that his ability to calm the nervous wreck in the chair and you have a combination of skills that can't be beat. I'm no longer afraid, and that's pretty much a miracle. I highly recommend him and his services.


Mike B

“Dr Nick Mobilia is truly a gem!”

Dr Nick Mobilia is a true superstar in the field of dentistry. He fixed my teeth, corrected my smile and improved my overall appearance all with the utmost in professionalism. He always pays attention to detail and listens like no other doctor. I now have more confidence with myself and I owe it all to Dr Mobilia. He made me sparkle on my wedding day by giving me a brilliant smile. I have high recommendations for him, his staff and his new office. Dr Mobilia you are a gem!!!

Stephanie B

“Best dentist in the universe!!!”

Dr. Nick Mobilia is just the best dentist in the universe!!! I love his gentle manner and golden touch. I previously had severe lock-jaw and TMJ problems that two other dentists couldn't solve. Dr. Mobilia educated me on bone structure, muscles of the mouth, improper jaw function and showed me some jaw exercises. He also fitted me for a customized retainer unique for my bite in combination with Botox injections for the severe pain my jaw was experiencing. My jaw is finally relaxed, balanced and free of pain. Also, I must add that his courteous and friendly staff goes out of their way to make you comfortable for all visits. What more can you want - a fine dentists with a respectful staff. Dr. Mobilia you're #1 in my book and I would highly recommend him for any type of dental treatment.

Rosa C

“Your expertise is remarkable”

Dear Dr Mobilia,

How fortunate for me that I have found in you a dentist who is conscientious and also a perfectionist. I am so pleased with the extensive repair work that you have done in my mouth.

You are calm, kind and gentle and your expertise is remarkable. You also have a bright and cheerful office which makes any dental visit a pleasure.

Sincerely yours,

Ethel B

“A dramatic change in my life”

After years of having numerous dental procedures, my smile was still a source of frustration for me. In business meetings as well as my private life, I was always aware that my smile caused me to feel a sense of insecurity. I was constantly trying to hide what I felt were imperfections with my teeth.

I made the decision to have implants done. A co-worker recommended the surgeon that I went to for surgery. Although the surgeon did excellent work, the temporaries made me feel the same insecurities that I had always felt in the past.

A few weeks after the procedure I had an appointment to see my surgeon. When I walked into his office, he introduced me to Dr. Mobilia and informed me that both he and Dr Mobilia would be working on my case.

That meeting made a dramatic change in my life. Dr Mobilia examined my teeth and said, “As a Vice President of a very large bank, you should not be put in the position to feel uncomfortable with your smile”. He immediately requested a new mold of my teeth and ordered new temporaries that appeared truly lifelike.

I was instantly impressed by Dr Mobilia’s professionalism, knowledge, and kindness. I left my initial consultation enthusiastic about the procedure and anxious to get all the procedures completed. My admiration for Dr. Mobilia and his staff has continued to grow stronger over the years.

Dr. Mobilia genuinely cares about his patients, and takes great pride in his work - two of the most important qualities any health care professional must have. Due to his great work and his staff, my smile is no longer a source of frustration, but rather a source of pride and confidence.

Susan C

“Dr Mobilia saved my smile!”

Dear Dr. Mobilia

I’m delighted to inform that my gums are pink again! Only a few days after you placed the new temps, I noticed that my gums are no longer irritated or bruised. This is such a great moment! I know I will be looking my best for my wedding pictures in May.

It’s been a long ride with another dentist – almost a year and a half trying to recuperate the health and aesthetics of my front teeth, until I finally stepped into your office. From the start you have listened to my needs and concerns and have worked diligently to restore my dental health. The care and attention to detail with which you oversee and execute all the procedures is amazing. Other dentists delegate small but important tasks such as removing the excess cement to their assistants, who often don’t have enough training or experience to deliver the best result.

I can go on and on – believe me, I have a lot of experience with dentists and dental treatments. All I can say is: You rock!!!



“Great Dentist”

Dr. Mobilia is a top professional in his field. He has used his extensive training and skills to keep me healthy and solve my dental problems. I came to his practice following a poor experience with two other dentists and he was able to solve my problems quickly with a minimum amount of discomfort.

He is trained in the latest techniques, uses modern digital x-ray equipment, and is sensitive to the needs of his patients. I have recommended him to my friends and family without hesitation over the past two years and have always appreciated the positive feedback I have received about his care.

Michael F

“You are not only a professional at doing your job… but a perfectionist”

Dear Dr. Mobilia,

I am so glad that I finally found you!

After years of wearing braces due to TMJ, I lost my confidence and desire to smile. As a personal shopper, my smile is important to me because it compliments my ability to sell. Every time I visit your office, my smile gets a little wider. You have transformed and enhanced my teeth both medically and cosmetically. You are not only a professional at doing your job… but a perfectionist.

In the past, I have been to so many dentists that were only concerned with getting me in, getting me out, and charging me for sub-standard service with no noticeable results. I appreciate that you take the time to listen, educate me about treatment options, and provide exceptional service each and every time I visit your office.

Once again, thanks for bringing back my smile and I always look forward to your pleasant personality and sense of humor. I am as comfortable in your office as I am my home.


Marisa J

“Dr. Mobilia ROCKS”

"Dr. Mobilia totally ROCKS. Whether you’re in NYC or not, he is the dentist to see. I'm going through a huge nightmare with my teeth. Dr. M has come to my rescue too many times to mention. I've yet to experience any discomfort as he’s very thorough and patient. He is currently trying to correct the damage done by a previous dentist which is no easy feat I assure you. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my smile. So do yourself a favor, if you need a great dentist see Dr. M."

Betsy M

“High Recommendations for Dr Nick Mobilia”

Dear Dr. Mobilia:

With the most profound gratitude to you, I can finally open my mouth and smile. For many years, I faked my smile, suppressing the ugliness of the few teeth of my upper jaw.

As a trial attorney, I confront the public, and other colleagues, and although I wear tailor-made suits, and get the best hair cut to maintain a good appearance in regard to my competitive profession, my ugly smile was a setback.

After many years of ineffective attempts, expenses, and inordinate waste of time at failed implants by several of your colleagues, you have skillfully and masterfully restored my teeth to a cosmetic standard matched by none. I appreciate the extraordinary skill, training and professional competence you demonstrated at cosmetically restoring my teeth. In addition to a beautiful smile, I can once again chew my food because of the implants that were placed.

While there are innumerable qualified doctors like you, special skills, patience and exacting standards are unique attributes of your character. I appreciate your sense of humor that alleviates the stress of sitting on your dental chair. My beautiful smile is a combination of all of these characteristics.

Thank you, Dr. Mobilia, for a job well done!

Yours truly,

Jai R

“Professional and courteous”

I have been going to Dr. Mobilia for years. He and his staff have always been very professional and courteous every time I go for a cleaning or need to get some work done. I highly recommend going to Dr. Nick Mobilia!

Mindy V

“A completely natural look!”

I am, and have been, a patient of Dr. Nick Mobilia for a number of years and my satisfaction with his expertise in various dental procedures is a definite given.

Dr. Mobilia fashioned and fitted me with a complete upper denture several years ago. Not only is this appliance completely satisfactory in terms of fit and serviceability; it looks completely natural. Unless one knew, it appears like my own teeth.

More recently, Dr. Mobilia has administered Restylane treatments to my face in order to minimize wrinkles. The difference in my appearance has been graphic and the care he has provided during treatments and follow-up has been of the highest professional level.

By any standard, I am delighted to have Dr. Mobilia as my dentist.

Thank you,

Helene W

“Our connection to Dr. Mobilia is a permanent one!”

I am currently a patient of Dr. Nick Mobilia following a period in which I was seeing another dentist. I am satisfied with Dr. Mobilia’s care as I was unhappy with my former dentist. Dr. Mobilia’s expertise in a wide range of dental procedures is a definite given.

Before seeking Dr. Mobilia’s services, I was fitted with a temporary partial by my former dentist. This partial was unsatisfactory almost from day one. When I turned to Dr. Mobilia, he fashioned a partial for me that is comfortable, serviceable and absolutely natural in appearance. In addition, Dr. Mobilia’s policies with regard to payment are right in step with my current billing practices. In this regard, I am able to have dental work done without any anxiety about whether my dentist will be paid.

I went to Dr. Mobilia at the suggestion of my wife, who is one of his long-time patients. I am delighted to have Dr. Mobilia as my dentist as is my wife. Our connection to Dr. Mobilia is a permanent one.

Thank you,

Seymour W

“One of the best things that has happened to me!”

Being referred to Dr. Mobilia was one of the best things that has happened to me! I have visited many dentists over the years and none have provided the same caring attitude and professionalism as Dr. Mobilia. My last visit was practically painless and Dr. Mobilia keeps you informed in every step of the procedure. I've never had such a pleasant experience at a dental office until meeting Dr. Mobilia and his staff. They are all wonderful!

Kimmy Z

“Highly Recommended”

Nick Mobilia is the best cosmetic dentist out there: expert work, great chairside manner, sensitivity extraordinaire, wonderful office staff, comfortable waiting room, convenient and easy-to-reach location, flexible scheduling. Highly recommended.

Tom F

“Dr Mobilia…A Top Notch, professional honest dentist!”

I have known Dr Mobilia for over 20 years. Dr Mobilia is extremely knowledgable in his field and a top notch dentist. I would not trust my teeth with anyone else. He is professional and pleasant and conveniently located. His staff is friendly and accomodating. His office is up to date with the latest technology and advanced dental treatments. Not to mention it is always 100% clean and spotless. But most of all, Dr Mobilia is 100% knowledgable in is field and excellent at what he does. if you are searching for a dentist, look no further, once you experience a visit at his office you will develop the same kind of loyalty that I, and every single one of his patients have... Sometimes I wish I have caveties, just so i get to go back!

Joe C

MessageOur Staff

My overall experience with Dr Nick Mobilia and Elite Dental Arts was amazing. His facility is clean, welcoming and comfortable. Also, the entire staff is congenial, well-educated, highly skilled and enthusiastic about what they do. Stephanie B

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